Frequent questions about online casino

1. Is online gambling legal?

As long as they have a licence in their jurisdiction, online gambling websites are legal. It’s important to mention that there isn’t a universally agreed international law regarding online gambling. Each country has its own legislation, so the legal character of the casino will be determined by the country where you live in. That said, a gambling platform may be legal in a country and at the same time illegal in another one.


2. Is my money safe?

Generally, licenced virtual casinos use robust security systems to keep your deposits safe. These systems are approved by the gambling authorities of the casino’s jurisdiction, so they can be totally trusted.


3. Are games fair?

Absolutely. As long as we speak about licenced casinos, they use Artificial Intelligence-driven machines that generate random numbers. You can be sure no human sits there behind the screen and decides which numbers will come out and how fast the roulette will spin. Casinos use computer algorithms that imitate exactly the movement of real roulette and slot reels. However, just like some physical casinos, some virtual casinos may cheat slightly for their own benefit.


4. Is registration difficult?

Since virtual casinos want to have as many visitors as possible, registration is easy. You just have to visit the website, provide some personal information, such as name email, and bank account – in case you’ll make deposits via credit card – and you can start playing.


5. What are live dealer games?

Virtual casinos allow you play both offline games run by a computer and live games run by a real person. Live games are held in real-time and are managed by a real dealer who plays with real cards. Some players prefer this method as it provides a more realistic experience and the opportunity to interact with the dealer.


6. What are casino bonuses?

A casino bonus is a kind of reward the online casino offers to its gamblers, no matters are they newcomers or loyal members in an effort to motivate them to use the platform for as long as possible. Bonuses can be expressed by extra coins added to your account after you make a deposit or free rounds where you bet without using your own money while preserving the same chance of winning.


7. Can I play on my mobile device?

Most online casinos are compatible with mobile operating systems, which means you can enjoy gambling from your phone anywhere and anytime. The graphics are also stunning in spite of the smaller display of the phone. However, some casinos provide only a limited number of games available for mobile devices. That’s why, you are good to check whether the game is compatible with your phone or not before entering it.